The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey HD

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (2012) เดอะ ฮอบบิท การผจญภัยสุดคาดคิด

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey As he approaches his 111th Birthday Hobit Bilbo baggins is approaching his 111th Birthday. Hobit Bilbo baggins begins writing the story of his 60 year old adventure for his nephew Frodo.

Long before Bilbo’s involvement, the Dwarf King Thror was the source of prosperity for his people under the Lonely Mountain until the advent of the dragon Smaug. Destroying the nearby town of Dale, Smaug drove the Dwarves out of their mountain and stole their gold hoard. Thorin is the great-grandson of Thror. He sees King Thranduil as well as his Woodelves in the hills. Thorin becomes dismayed at their decision to leave his people instead of helping them, leading to his hatred for Elf.

Bilbo 50 is lured to host a dinner by Gandalf The Grey, an expert wizard who has learned tricks to fool the Shire. Gandalf is looking for Bilbo to become the company’s “burglar”, to help the group in their search for the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo isn’t keen to join at first, but changes his mind when the company departs without him the following day. Bilbo is eager to join the business. Three Trolls take over the company as they travel onward. Bilbo stops the Trolls from eating them until dawn, and Gandalf exposes the trolls to the sun’s rays, turning them to stone. The company finds treasure as well as Elven knives inside the Trolls cave. Thorin and Gandalf each have an Elf-made blade Orcrist and Glamdring and Glamdring, respectively; Gandalf also finds an Elven dagger that he offers to Bilbo.

The wizard Radagast the Brown discovers Gandalf and his company and recounts the story of his encounter at Dol Guldur with the Necromancer, an evil sorcerer who is corrupting Greenwood with dark magic. Gandalf directs the company to an undiscovered passageway that leads to Rivendell. Lord Elrond The Lord of Elrond has revealed an unnoticed sign that points to an entrance hidden on the company’s Lonely Mountain map. This entrance will only be revealed during Durin’s Day. Gandalf will then approach the White Council, consisting of Elrond and Galadriel, and presents a Morgul knife that is a weapon forged by the Witch-kings of Angmar which Radagast received from Dol Guldur in a indication that the Necromancer has been associated with the return of Sauron. While Saruman insists on the current issue of the Dwarves’ quest, asking that Gandalf put an end to it, Gandalf secretly reveals to Galadriel that he was anticipating this and had the Dwarves move forward without him.

The company journeys into the Misty Mountains where they are confronted by a massive conflict between Stone Giants. They find refuge in a cave. There, they are captured by Goblins who are able to transport the group to their leader, the Great Goblin. Bilbo gets separated from the Dwarves , and is thrown into a crevice, where he meets Gollum, who unknowingly drops an unintentionally golden ring. In the process of removing the ring Bilbo encounters Gollum. They play a riddle game and bet that Bilbo will be provided with a exit in the event of a win or eaten by Gollum when he fails. Bilbo eventually wins by asking Gollum what’s in his pocket. After noticing that his ring has disappeared, Gollum realizes that Bilbo has it and pursues him. Bilbo realizes that the ring grants him invisibility. When Bilbo is offered the chance to take down Gollum Bilbo takes pity on Gollum and flees. Gollum shouts hatred at Baggins.

The Great Goblin exposes that Azog, an Orc war chief who killed Thror and also lost his forearm in battle to Thorin who was outside Thorin, outside Dwarven kingdom Moria has set a bounty upon Thorin’s head. Gandalf arrives to lead the Dwarves on a escape and defeats the Great Goblin. Bilbo is able to leave the mountain and returns to the company, keeping his newly obtained Ring hidden. Azog as well as his hunting group are able to ambush the group and hide in the trees. Thorin charges Azog with his Warg, but he is overpowered and severely hurts. Bilbo rescues Thorin from the Orcs and Azog challenges him with his href=””>Warg. Just as Azog summons Eagles to save the business, Bilbo is also saved by the Orcs. They escape to safety in the Carrock where Gandalf revives Thorin, who renounces his earlier hatred of Bilbo after being saved by him.

They look up and see the Lonely Mountain in the distance. There is a asleep dragon, Smaug awakens by a thrush knocking a snail against a stone

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